Anti-flat-earthism is a progressive condition that affects every aspect of the human experience: physical, psychological, emotional, social, familial, professional, legal, financial, and spiritual. The chronic progression of globe-belief moves through stages from early, to middle, to advanced stages that can lead to chronic and devastating gullibility without strategic interventions. Like alcoholism or addiction, recovery from anti-flat-earthism and the associated underlying belligerent gullibility is marked by stages referred to as early, middle, and long-term or “established” worldview recovery. Nothing is more important than someone’s ability to be honest with themselves and others. Flat Earth can help this. We do so in teaching people who would be deceived by others about the world around them, how to use their senses in navigating the world around them with their own critical thoughts and pieces of evidence, instead of someone else’s. It’s up to all of us to use best practices in care for Anti-Flat-Earthers in relation to early and/or advanced worldview recovery. We should do this in order to better support these globe-believers’ transition from clinical treatment or indoctrination reversal, into the initial phase of full removal of all unhealthy appeals to authority, and eventually COMPLETE WORLDVIEW RESTORATION. It is our duty to be our brother’s keeper and help our fellow man remove the shackles of conformity, for the sake of knowing the truth. Our dedication to helping our fellow man release themselves from the chains of globe belief remains untainted and unshaken. Anti-flat-earthism can be cured, and you too can live an honest life. Flat earth can help.